About Me

I am a senior in high school hoping to purscreen-shot-2016-12-17-at-10-36-15-amsue Computer Science for my bachelor’s degree and probably as a career path.

I am currently in the IBDP at Renaissance College Hong Kong where I hold an academic scholarship.

I was born in the United States, but have lived in Hong Kong for the last six years with my family.

I am primarily an iOS developer but have also done some work with Java. I also have experience in Python and like to mess around with it. I would also like to learn how to use databases like SQL to become more of a “full stack developer”.

Some things I enjoy doing in my free time include:

  • Being a nerd on StackOverflow
  • Playing rugby
  • Jamming on the guitar
  • Debating (both formally and informally :D)

Here are five random facts about me:

  1.   I cannot whistle for the life of me
  2.   I am known for occasionally taking 30 minutes or more to eat a muffin
  3.   Death Cab for Cutie is my favorite band
  4.   I own seven stuffed alpacas
  5.   I cannot stand cauliflower or dill