myRecycle is an iOS app that encourages sustainable practices through incentivizing individuals to recycle. A user can collect points, level up, and even receive different ranks and awards for consistently recycling.

myRecycle was developed for an Y11 MYP Design unit which examined the role of technology in promoting sustainable practices.

I started developing myRecycle in January 2016, and the first version was released to the App Store on August 26th 2016. The most current version (v1.0.2) was released on September 21st 2016. You can find myRecycle on the App Store here.

I coded myRecycle using Swift, with some Objective-C dependencies. The current code that myRecycle uses in v1.0.2 is Swift 2.2.

Since releasing myRecycle on the App Store I have begun to work on another iOS project taking what I learned from my first app, and applying it to hopefully make my next release even more successful. I have also started paying more attention to design, UI, and UX in order to build an app that would be actually used by my peers.

The GitHub repository for this project can be found here.

App Screenshots:

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