Excel Data Restructurer with Java

My mother is currently writing her dissertation for her Ph.D. in Accounting. She had some data in an Excel file that she wanted to turn into a “stack area graph” in Excel. However, the structure of her data had too many variables for the graph to be created through the raw data. She informed me…

Python Certificate Creation – ESF CoCo

Another task that was going to be tedious for my team organizing the ESF Computing Conference, as I mention in this post, was that we needed to give certificates of participation to all of the students who attended the conference. Since there will likely be over 100 students, writing out all of their names would…

Java Student Schedule – ESF Co Co

I am the Director of Workshops for the ESF Computing Conference taking place next weekend at South Island School in Hong Kong, and so we’ve been working hard in the past few weeks to get everything ready for the conference. As part of this, one of my teammates thought it would be a good idea…


myRecycle is an iOS app that encourages sustainable practices through incentivizing individuals to recycle. A user can collect points, level up, and even receive different ranks and awards for consistently recycling.

Chess with Java

For my Middle Years Program Personal Project, I decided to create a chess program using Java. It is a fairly simple program that just allows player vs. player interaction using Java Swing.